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Karel Schwarzenberg 

Honorary Patron of the Lonarc Oboe Trio 


Directly descended from the Schwarzenberg princes of Český  Krumlov, Karel Schwarzenberg was born in Prague, December 10 1937 and very sadly,  died in Vienna on 12th November 2023.

Karel has had a distinguished political career, variously as: President of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (1984-91), Chancellor for President Vaclav Havel (1990-92), Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (2004-10) and First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (2010-13).

He has worked predominantly in the Foreign Affairs department of the Czech Republic since 2005, representing the Czech Republic in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (2006-07) and is currently Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the Defense Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. ​He was also Chairman of the political party TOP 09 (2009-15).    

The Lonarc Oboe Trio is deeply honoured to have received the patronage of Karel Schwarzenberg. They had a delightful meeting with him in Prague after their performance at the Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival in July 2018, discussing future performances at other Schwarzenberg houses and further research in the archive at Třeboň. 



The Lonarc Foundation seek more present day "Schwarzenberg Princes + Princesses"

The Arts have always needed patronage – either by Church, State or Crown.

The Lonarc Foundation is looking for its 21st Century ‘Princes and Princesses Schwarzenberg’, patrons keen to offer similar opportunities to elevate woodwind chamber music today and in doing so emulating the enlightened patronage of previous centuries, enabling the commissioning of new works, supporting the musicians' rehearsal, recording, performing, educational, touring and research costs.

Please support us by donating or sharing this fund-raising link with your friends: every donation is greatly appreciated. All friends of the Lonarc Foundation will receive regular email progress reports on current projects, including updates about future concerts, recordings, publications and workshop plans. 


The Lonarc Oboe TrioLonarc Wind Ensemble and Lonarc Wind Quintet are not-for-profit organisations supported by the Lonarc Foundation which gained CIO charitable status in September 2017.


For more information on current projects that require funding and how to support the Lonarc Foundation and the Lonarc Ensembles please email us on the following link:

We should like to take this opportunity to  express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our current patrons

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Let’s bring these 1st + 2nd Golden Ages of Wind Chamber Music to life again!

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