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Joseph Sanders Judy Proctor Owen Dennis

Photography by Marc Schlossman

"The players led by the outstanding Joseph Sanders, have such familiarity with each other and the music that they are able to take risks, to seamlessly blend and to introduce new repertoire to eager ears."

Celia Craig ARAM Principal Oboe Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

"The quality is unquestionable and the entire experience in their company, utterly delightful."

Simon Emes Principal Oboe Malaysian Symphony Orchestra

"We were treated to an interesting and inspiring programme for oboe trio and the witty and clever Variations on `Carnival of Venice´ by James Horan were a complete success.

Thank you for participating in this international event.


You were real stars!"

Sarah Roper ARAM Principal Oboe Real Orquestra Sinfonica de Seville

"I was astonished not only by the quality of their music, their skills and performance which require a lot of… ‘doigté’, but pleased also by the humour the audience could perceive in the way the Ensemble performed and directed their pieces.  When music is played in a serious way but not seriously, it gives back an outstanding level of accomplishment."

Renaud Patalowski Marigaux SAS 

"I was delighted to have the Lonarc Oboe Trio within the programme of our festival. I highly appreciate their musicianship as well as their commitment to search for the historical origins of the music for oboe trios."

Martin Voříšek Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival Assistant Director 

"I marvelled at the stamina of these fine professionals, able to play their physically exhausting instruments continuously for ninety minutes, with unfailing sprightliness and invention."

Judith Weir CBE  Master of the Queen's Music

" a well-conceived programme, stylish and virtuosic playing, as well as charming and informative spoken introductions from all three players.  

Everyone came out buzzing and keen to share their experiences."

Justin Lee  Chamber Music Series Programmer, Kettle's Yard

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