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Original arrangement by James Horan written for the Lonarc Oboe Trio in 1992 of JS Bach's Goldberg Variations BWV 988 using 10 of the original 24 variations.

Goldberg Variations BWV 988 by JS Bach

  • Score and 3 parts To listen to music click on youtube video links Aria Andante Variation a (original Variation no 2) Allegro Leggiero Variation b (original Variation no 3 - Canone alla Unisuono) Grazioso Variation c (original Variation no 5) Allegro Giocoso Variation d (original Variation no 6 - Canone alla Secondo) Grazioso Variation e (original Variation no 9 - Canone alla Terza) Maestoso Variation f (original Variation no 12 – Canone alla Quarta) Grazioso Variation g (original Variation no 21 – Canone alla Settima) Cantabile Variation h (original Variation no 18 – Canone alla Sexta) Bourree Variation j (original Variation no 19) Alla Giga Variation k (original Variation no 23) Vivace Stacatto
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