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Score and 3 parts.


Proceeds from the sale of these signed copies go directly to the Lonarc Foundation. James has signed the first 30 copies from the first print run of 100. These signed copies are numbered and dated.


Exciting original composition for Oboe Trio composed by James Horan in 1995: Presto, Theme,Variations 1-6, Presto, Finale Exuberante


"In my former life as a member of the Lonarc Oboe Trio, I had always wanted to write just such a piece as my Variations Humoresques. It had occurred to me that there were no obvious showpiece works for the oboe trio format, so what better way to remedy this curious oversight than to base a piece on the ubiquitous 'Carnival of Venice' melody and see where it took me. However, they do say 'be careful what you wish for', as I allowed myself to write outlandish technical demands of the players in an attempt to realise my vision.


Thankfully, my friends in the Lonarc Oboe Trio are still speaking to me and paying me the greatest compliment by regularly championing my work in many of their concert programmes.


I hope you enjoy playing my Variations just as much as I enjoyed writing them".


James Horan 

JH Signed "Variations Humoresque on Carnival of Venice" by James Horan (b1966)

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